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Light Diffusers Complete; Plastic Trays Almost Done

by Gino Magarotto

Hello everyone,

Progress has been slow the for last few months, but I’m working my way toward the finished machine kits. The laser-cut light diffusers for the cameras are now complete, and the plastic trays are almost complete as well. I’ll post another update when the parts are finished.

Thanks for your understanding,
Gino Magarotto

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Dual Head SimplePnP with Bottom Vision

A partially assembled Cartesian frame with extrusions, motors, rails, mounting hardware, pulleys, and belts. An assembled vacuum head with one nozzle holder, a top-vision camera, a bottom-vision camera (including mounting hardware and a USB cable), one rotation motor, one linear rail, and pneumatic components. Adds an additional nozzle holder, rotation motor, and linear rail (including mounting hardware). Includes a vacuum pump, a power supply, motion control electronics, and three Juki nozzles (sizes 503, 504, and 505).


Strip Feeder


Citrus CNC

I want to make digital manufacturing available for home use.

Gino Magarotto

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