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Apr 14, 2020

Project update 11 of 24

Progress & Delays

by Gino Magarotto

It’s been a long time since our last update. Things are moving forward, albeit very slowly.

Fitting Nozzles

After the first batch of nozzles and holders arrived, we began measuring them and fitting them together. After measuring more than a hundred nozzles, we found that their diameters are spread in a 30 micrometer region (6.975-7.005 mm). There weren’t any significant leaks, even when using the smallest nozzle and the loosest holder.

Design Improvements

We also make some small changes to the general design of the machine. It won’t need the aluminum extrusions anymore, as the motor and pulley brackets and the linear guide mounting points will be integrated into one machined aluminum piece.

Supply Chain Delays

Some of the items we ordered from China about a month ago will remain in transit for the next few weeks due to the pandemic situation. Luckily, though, we just received several electromechanical parts, including nema8 and nema17 motors, limit switches, pumps, and some cables. There was an issue with the pumps (we ordered the wrong model), but it will be corrected shortly and should not affect our progress.

Revised Shipping Estimate

Lastly, to compensate for current (and likely future) supply chain delays, we’ve had to push the estimated ship date of our first batch of SimplePnP machines back to July.

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