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Dec 19, 2019

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Questions, Answers, and Nozzle Holders

by Gino Magarotto

Nozzle Holders

Meet the Betz Technik Industries Juki nozzle holder. It is turned on an extremely accurate Swiss style CNC lathe to achieve minimum runout on the nozzle tips.


Q: Exactly what hardware am I getting when I purchase a SimplePnP machine?

A: We have uploaded a preliminary bill of materials to the repo. Once production has begun, we will update it with definitive part numbers for some components. All SimplePnP models come partially assembled from the factory. All heads come fully assembled.

Q: How will you make sure these machines are accurate?

A: We will check each axis against a 5 micro resolution glass linear scale. Every nozzle sold will be measured with a micrometer and fitted to a nozzle holder to detect leaks and out-of-tolerance parts.

Q: What’s the roadmap for documentation

A: Our plan is to write assembly and configuration guides for SimplePnP’s mechanical, electrical, and software systems. If time allows, we will also produce video tutorials before we ship.

Q: How should I install my pick and place unit?

A: SimplePnP is designed to work on a variety of flat surfaces. You can use a table or a dedicated base made from sheet metal or some other material. Small clamps or bolts should be sufficient to hold it securely and prevent movement.

Q: Is the pump loud?

A: It is somewhat loud. You can place it inside an enclosure to reduce the noise or you can replace it with a quieter pump.

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