An open source, parallel printing accessory that is fully compatible with LulzBotĀ® TAZ 3D printers

Feb 15, 2018

Project update 11 of 13

Batch Two Deadline and MRRF

Hey all!

Just a few anouncements,

First off, in order to get the longer lead-time parts in for the 2nd production batch of Twoolheads to be shipped mid-March, orders will need to be placed on or before February 20th. Orders placed after this date (February 20, 2018) will ship sometime in April.

Also, the Colorado Printing project is going to MRRF! We’re a sponsor of the 2018 Midwest RepRap Festival hosted by the folks over at SeeMeCNC. For those who haven’t been it’s an open source 3D printing expo filled with awesome custom printers and the latest and greatest from the open source manufacturers and it’s absolutely amazing. So stoked. We’ll be demoing a Twoolhead along with prototypes of a few new projects we’re working on, so please stop by if you can make it!

Happy printing

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