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Apr 04, 2018

Project update 12 of 13

Post MRRF Update

Hey all!

I’ve just gotten back into town from the road trip out to Goshen, Indiana and Midwest RepRap Fest 2018 which we helped to sponsor this year! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me to get out there and everyone who came out :)

The show was an absolute blast and I was fortunate enough to have a lot of great conversations with some of the leading open source printer developers about the Twoolhead and the future of the Colorado Printing Project. We had a great spot across from our friends at LulzBot and were showing off the Twoolhead printing 2 nozzle cleaning brush handouts every 30 minutes! A prototype of our next big project, the microcluster, made an appearance as well; stay tuned for more details!

I’m excited to anounce that new orders of the Twoolhead will be built with E3D hotend components, bringing more versatility and reliability to the Twoolhead. We’re switching to a new hotend, affectionately dubbed the "somestruder" due to it being a smaller version of the MOARstruder hotend. The somestruder uses the MOARstruder heatbreak, a sizable heater block to melt the plastic and E3D v6 nozzles, heater and temperature sensors. This means that the Twoolhead retains the same great print quality while now being fully compatible with the upgraded components for the E3D v6 which allow high temperature printing as well as the ability to print win abrasive materials like carbon fiber and glow in the dark material. Super cool stuff!

mmmm... hotends.
E3D looks good on a twoolhead :)

Happy printing!

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