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Nov 29, 2017

The End is Nigh


Following the end of the campaign I’m going to allow a bit of extra time to make sure that all of the backers are up, running and happy. The Twoolhead will be available for pre-order through Crowd Supply at the same url as the campaign page, with the first production batch slated for delivery mid March 2018. I’ll continue posting updates and content from the first production build so please follow along!

As a reminder, the Twoolhead is now also available with 0.8mm nozzles for even faster, stronger parts. This configuration produces rougher parts and won’t be supported with nearly as many profiles, but is great for producing strong parts extremely quickly.

Check out some parts I’ve printed out for comparison The parts printed with the 0.8mm nozzle are definitely rougher but should be stronger than their 0.5mm counterparts, and on average the 0.8mm parts have taken about half the time to print as the 0.5mm parts! Pretty awesome :)

Here’s 0.5mm and 0.8mm nozzle versions of the modified extruder mount that the Twoolhead uses so you can see the difference in appearance:

And here’s both versions of the Twoolhead backplate:

Again, a huge thank you to Crowd Supply and all of the bakers and supporters, this campaign has been an amazing experience :)


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Thanks for helping make the Twoolhead a reality! You will be rewarded with good karma, regular backer updates, and your name will be included in the source material as a part of the team that helped bring this open source technology to life.



Start making more. Included is everything you need to get started churning out products, the Twoolhead is compatible with LulzBotĀ® TAZ 5 and 6 3D printers.


TAZ 6 + Twoolhead Bundle

Want the printing power of the Twoolhead but don't have a TAZ printer? Because the Colorado Printing Project is a reseller of LulzBotĀ® printers, you can save hundreds by bundling. The fully assembled and tested printer will be delivered to you straight from Aleph Objects, Inc. and the Twoolhead will be delivered from Crowd Supply's fulfillment center.

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