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Jun 06, 2024

Project update 2 of 3

FAQ and Project Progress Report

by Rajeev Piyare

Hello backers and creators,

The first week of the campaign has been a thrill and we are happy to see you backing and sharing about our campaign. We at Conexio are grateful for your support.

Throughout this campaign, and after, we will post updates on the Stratus Pro project so you can learn more about the hardware you will be receiving and the development work you are funding. For this first week’s update, we’ll be giving you a peek at our current progress and we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions we have received via the technical question form.


We have received a number of excellent questions, which we have summarized below:

Documentation and Getting Started Guide

We have also been busy crafting the full documentation and "Getting Started" guidelines for the Stratus Pro. In addition, we are creating more sample applications for the Stratus Pro kit and testing our prototypes. Our objective with these tests is to improve our firmware libraries and make sure everything works as expected.

In the coming weeks, you will also see more interesting sample applications in our git repo that we are working on right now, so keep an eye out.
All the current samples that have been tested and verified with the Stratus Pro and NCS 2.6.0 SDK can be found in the conexio-firmware-sdk repo.

Hardware Development

Besides the work on Conexio Stratus’s Pro software, we are verifying all the hardware functionality and operation to make sure the product’s operation and use are as user-friendly as possible.

Technical Support and Feedback

It is important for us to engage with our audience, so we are excited to hear from you, listen to your feedback, and get your suggestions. You are very welcome to post it on our discussions forum , join us on our Conexio Discord channel, or X account @conexiotech.

For any inquiries or assistance related to Stratus hardware, SDK, or documentation, please do not hesitate to seek information or collaborate with our engineers to address your technical challenges via our email:

So, stay tuned and we will keep you posted on our latest news and progress.

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Thank you from Team Conexio!!!

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Key Components

NRF9161-LACA-R7 · microcontroller
manages cellular, GPS, and other RTOS-related operations

nPM1300-QEAA-R7 · PMIC
overall board power management

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