Conexio Stratus Pro

A battery-powered cellular IoT prototyping platform with global connectivity

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May 31, 2024

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by Rajeev Piyare

Hello, Innovators and IoT Enthusiasts!

After working extensively with various IoT kits out there, we realized that creating a simple cellular-connected IoT product is often a complicated and frustrating process.

Here are some of the common challenges that developers face:

We believe that innovation shouldn’t be held back by such barriers. That’s why we created Stratus Pro—a tiny yet powerful cellular-connected IoT kit where all essential components and modules are seamlessly integrated into a compact design.

Why Stratus Pro is a Game-Changer:

We’re thrilled to share Stratus Pro with you. To learn more and pre-order your own Conexio Stratus kit, visit our Crowd Supply page.

Join the conversation on our Conexio Discord Channel or GitHub forum for any questions and discussions.
If you are shy, then directly reach out to us via email or using the "Ask a Question" form on our Crowd Supply page.
We’re eager to hear your thoughts and support you on your IoT journey.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!


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Key Components

NRF9161-LACA-R7 · microcontroller
manages cellular, GPS, and other RTOS-related operations

nPM1300-QEAA-R7 · PMIC
overall board power management

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