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An easy-to-use, open source capacitive sensing board

Jan 24, 2018

Display Addition

We are working on the board revision and we are on track to finish board testing by 3rd of February. Read the full update.

Dec 13, 2017

Crowdfunding Campaign is Live

The HwUI crowdfunding campaign is now live. HwUI is an an easy-to-use, open source capacitive sensing board with micro-controller and Bluetooth. Read the full update.

$584 raised

of $2,800 goal

21% Funded Time Expired
Feb 13 2018

Product Choices



HwUI board with Cypress Capsense controller, ST MCU and BK3254 bluetooth module. SD Card holder and audio jack for music player designs. Headers for MCU GPIO, UART, SPI are populated.


HwUI Basic

HwUI board with Cypress Capsense controller and ST MCU without Bluetooth. Bluetooth module and associated connectors/components are not populated. MCU GPIO, UART, SPI headers are populated.



Conixel is a product engineering design house that specializes in the field of imaging, cameras and Internet of Things (IoT).

Prakash Mathews Pothen

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