An easy-to-use, open source capacitive sensing board

Dec 13, 2017

Project update 1 of 2

Crowdfunding Campaign is Live

The HwUI crowdfunding campaign is now live. HwUI is an an easy-to-use, open source capacitive sensing board with micro-controller and Bluetooth. Many of the prototyping boards available in the market are really useful but they are not manufacturing-oriented and require additional accessories. With HwUI we aim to create a single board which can do the most generic tasks at the lowest product cost. HwUI has a user interface, micro-controller, wireless connectivity, RTC, and serial and GPIO interfaces. The board is inexpensive and production ready. I believe many developers will find HwUI platform with open source firmware and Python GUI useful for their projects. Currently we are working on the second iteration of the board and GUI functionalities. We’ll keep you apprised of our progress in the campaign updates.

We need your support to manufacture the first bulk production run to bring it to you at an affordable price. Please support the project and share with your friends.

Thanks, Prakash

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