An easy-to-use, open source capacitive sensing board

Jan 24, 2018

Project update 2 of 2

Display Addition


Thanks all for your support and I greatly appreciate the contributions from the backers. We are working on the board revision and we are on track to finish board testing by 3rd of February. We have reached 18% of the goal and we have 20 days left for the funding. Please support us to get this project funded.

We received feedback from people on the project and many of them wanted a display provision on HwUI board. Hence we have added a connector in the new revision for interfacing serial LCD displays. We are using LS013B7DH03 (128 x128) for our internal testing.

Also people asked for triac based switch and dimmer circuit, which we believe should be on a different high power board. This will be taken up next.

My first prototype of a pet feeder with the first revision HwUI board (in addition to a motor driver and a motor) is working well and I can go places without worrying about feeding my Cat.


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