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A tap-to-read NFC tag that logs temperature and humidity

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Price Reduction, Web-Application Screenshot, and Sample Data

by Malcolm Mackay

Reducing the Price of cuplTag to $29

The best way to market our unique NFC datalogger is to ship more units. To that end, you can now buy a cuplTag for only $29. That $10 discount will be applied retroactively to existing backers as well. Thank you for your support!

Web-Application Screenshot

Below is a graph of temperature and humidity readings collected from a cuplTag in late September. You can browse more data collected from this test unit at:

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Malcolm Mackay


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One cuplTag, factory configured to sample temperature and humidity at 10 minute intervals. Works with the cupldeploy platform. Requires a CR1220 battery (not included). Includes one 2x4-way 2.54 mm male header, one 1x2-way 2.54 mm male header, one 2-way 2.54 mm jumper, and printed instructions.


40 Jumper Wires - Female/Female

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A bundle of 40 multicolored, 7.8" (200 mm) long silicone-coated 24 AWG jumper wires with female terminations on each end. They are designed for use with standard pitch (.1", 2.54 mm) male headers.


TI MSP-EXP430FR2355 Dev Kit

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

Includes the EZ-FET, a basic, low-cost MSP430 programming and debugging solution

An EVM for MSP430FRx FRAM development with onboard debug probe, Grove connector, and ambient light sensor.


MSP-FET Flash Emulation Tool

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A full-featured programmer, spy-bi-wire debugger, and usb-to-serial converter for the MSP430

Connects any MSP430 MCU to a computer via USB for real-time, in-system programming and debugging. Includes a 14-conductor cable for board communication and a USB cable. Manufactured by Texas Instruments.



cupl develops NFC environmental sensors.

Malcolm Mackay

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