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Tinko HUSH

The world's first silent electroluminescent light engine designed for wearables

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Tinko HUSH is a silent electroluminescent light engine that can be externally controlled by a GPIO from a microcontroller or FPGA. This makes Tinko HUSH an exceptional choice for interactive or animated signage and costumes. Tinko is designed to be discreet, balancing performance, size, and weight to provide the necessary drive strength for illuminating 40 in² (101 cm²) of EL panel or 240 inches (610 cm) of EL wire. Tinko HUSH achieves this by converting 5 VDC into 230 VAC at 800 Hz, all within an incredibly compact package. It remains small, lightweight, and nearly imperceptible. However, don’t let its size deceive you. Tinko HUSH is durable and discreet, featuring built-in protection against no-load conditions, EL overloading, over-heating, and the resilience to survive accidental drops.

Understanding Electroluminescence

Electroluminescence (EL) is the process of illuminating a material using high-voltage alternating current. Typically, EL involves encapsulating a thin phosphor mixture and dielectric material between two electrodes, effectively forming a light-emitting capacitor. This technology enables the creation of thin and flexible illuminated shapes, commonly referred to as EL tape, EL panels, and EL wire.

Designed for Versatility

Tinko HUSH was initially designed with wearables in mind, but its applications extend far beyond that. Tinko HUSH seamlessly integrates with EL wire, EL panels, and VynEL™. Its adaptability shines through a variety of power source options and external control features, making it the ideal inverter for numerous projects. Tinko HUSH caters to makers, computer case modders, cosplay enthusiasts, architectural lighting designers, car interior customizers, astrophotographers, nighttime workers seeking safety visibility, cyclists, runners, furniture designers, and even aerospace applications. The silent performance of Tinko HUSH empowers you to illuminate your surroundings without the inconvenience of noisy inverters.

The inclusion of a USB-C connector allows for versatile power options. You can power it through a portable power bank or opt for a permanent installation with a 5 V USB wall power supply. Tinko HUSH gradually brightens upon power supply connection, or you can control it by simply shorting the "D-" pin to ground. This combination offers a multitude of control possibilities, such as:

The array of power source options and programmable control capabilities make Tinko the perfect choice for compact and sophisticated electroluminescent applications.

Tinko PCB front, back, and enclosure

Features and Specifications

Comparing Inverters

In the realm of inverters, silence holds immense value, and Tinko HUSH delivers on that promise. It stands as the quiet champion amidst a cacophony of noisy inverters, offering you audible peace of mind and unprecedented versatility. Below, we present a comparative table illustrating how Tinko HUSH stacks up against other EL inverters:

Tinko HUSHCoin Cell InverterAA Inverter9 V InverterSonic Rechargeable Battery Pack Inverter
Audible Inverter NoiseSilent Audible Loud Loud Loud
Rechargeable BatteryYes No No No Yes
Externally ControllableYes No No No No
Battery Life (Glow time)Dependent on battery size (hours to weeks possible) 3 hours 8 hours 12 hours 2 hours
No-load SafeYes No No No No
Weight Without Battery0.46 oz (13 g) 0.74 oz (20 g) 1.152 oz (21 g) 2 oz (57 g) 1.5 oz (42.5g)
Product Size1.7 x 0.9 x 0.43 in (45 x 23 x 11 mm) 4 x 1.6 x 0.8 in (104 x 152 x 20 mm) 3.9 x 1 x 1 (99 x 25 x 25 mm) 2 x 2 x 0.75 in (50 x 50 x 19 mm) 2.73 x 1.6 x 0.7 in (69 x 41 x 18 mm)
Maximum EL Panel Size40 in² (101 cm²) 3 in² (7.6 cm²) 30 in² (76.2 cm²) 50 in² (127 cm²) 30 in²(76.2 cm²)
Maximum EL Wire Length240 inches (610 cm) 10 inches (25 cm) 180 inches (460 cm) 240 inches (610 cm) 180 inches (460 cm)
Wall-plug PowerableYes No No No No
Failure-rateVery low High High High Medium

VynEL™ is a water-resistant and flexible electroluminescent material designed for textiles. While resembling an EL Panel, VynEL™ offers greater flexibility, durability, ease of integration, and enhanced brightness. In comparison to a traditional flat electroluminescent structure, VynEL™ can emit light from both sides, a feature not found in common EL Panels or EL Tape. This dual-sided illumination can be particularly advantageous, for instance, when adding light to a pocket, providing external visibility and allowing you to see inside your pocket. Powered by advanced nano-technologies, VynEL™ lighting enables the integration of light into numerous applications, including wearables. VynEL™ easily conforms to the shape of fabrics and is significantly more flexible than standard EL Panels. It can be heat-bonded into textiles, making it an excellent choice for safety gear, athletic wear, outdoor products, tradeshow exhibits, costumes, footwear, lingerie, and more. It’s even machine washable, ensuring its suitability for garments requiring regular maintenance. In summary, VynEL™ lighting establishes new safety standards for industries such as construction, athletics, first responders, emergency services, and more.

The Perfect Duo - Tinko HUSH and VynEL™

Tinko HUSH and VynEL™ were meticulously designed together to simplify lighting integration, guaranteeing reliability and hassle-free operation. There’s no need to worry about faulty adhesives, glues, or whip stitching. VynEL™ seamlessly integrates with fabrics using proven methods like iron-on heat-transfer adhesives or machine sewing. Its thin and pliable panels allow VynEL™ to blend effortlessly with fabrics without compromising robustness. This material can stretch, fold, and endure crushing without sustaining damage. VynEL’s panels minimize unsightly buckling and rippling around curves in clothing while maintaining water resistance and withstanding extreme temperatures. The symbiotic integration of VynEL™ with fabrics eliminates the need for special treatment or restrictions on movement, making it a fully transparent augmentation to your projects.

Together, Tinko HUSH and VynEL™ unlock new possibilities for adding light anywhere. The future of eTextiles has arrived.

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"Designed for a wide range of applications, [Tinko HUSH] features GPIO control for interactive lighting effects, making it ideal for creative projects in wearables, case mods, and more."

Mike Shouts

"If you’re into Tron-style fashion, whether you’re planning a Tron costume for your next cosplay outing or simply want to add futuristic light elements to your apparel for safety (and to turn heads), then you ought to check out Tinko HUSH."


"Enter Tinko HUSH, a groundbreaking development in wearable technology. Tinko HUSH is the world's first silent electroluminescent light engine, designed specifically for integration into wearable fabrics"

It's For Home

"With Tinko HUSH, you can create stunning light effects on your clothing, making a bold statement and standing out from the crowd."

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