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DAQiFi Nyquist 1

A powerful, open-source, Wi-Fi-enabled IoT data-acquisition system

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DAQiFi Nyquist 1 is a self-contained, mobile connected, battery powered, wireless data acquisition device. It’s perfect for general data acquisition applications where economical, feature-rich DAQs are required.

Nyquist is completely wireless, utilizing a built-in Li-Ion battery for power and an 802.11 WiFi connection, allowing it to be deployed virtually anywhere and everywhere. Since it uses the 802.11 standard, it can be used on existing Wi-Fi networks in many facilities. Open-source hardware and software allow DAQiFi Nyquist to be adapted to any data acquisition application. Drivers and APIs are available to interface with 3rd party software such as Node-RED, NI LabVIEW or Wolfram Mathematica.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Nyquist is that it eliminates the need for a dedicated PC plugged into each data acquisition solution. Multiple Nyquist devices can be part of a single data collection system, each wirelessly delivering the data it collects to a single client. PCs, experiments, machines, robots, etc. can all be connected to the same client all at once.

Modular, Portable, and Wireless

Data acquisition is commonplace in most engineering, scientific, and academic environments. However, most of these systems have limited flexibility or high cost. They generally require additional software purchases and dedicated computers to collect data. Many data acquisition systems still require the user to learn proprietary programming languages.

After extensive experience in engineering/scientific environments at universities and engineering companies, the founders of DAQiFi observed most users were spending excessive time configuring and programming their data acquisition devices. This detracted from their main goal: collect and analyze data essential to the task at hand.

The founders of DAQiFi envisioned a better solution: modular, portable data acquisition with flexible wireless connectivity. So they built features in the new Nyquist line of data acquisition devices that allow anyone to easily collect the data they need without wasting time learning the intricacies of data collection setup and software.

DAQiFi Nyquist has helped advance numerous projects during its beta testing, including a 0g test-flight for portable fire extinguishers headed to the International Space Station.

Can It Do More?

For power users, the device is capable of interfacing directly with industry standard software such as National Instruments’ LabVIEW, Wolfram’s Mathematica, and for ultimate open-source flexibility, Node-RED.

DAQiFi’s line of products are not only capable of data acquisition within a system. They can operate as dedicated data loggers, storing to a mini-SD card via included port. They can also be controlled using the free, bundled software or the aforementioned third-party software. Future product development and updates will allow these products to be programmed like a PLC or other microcontroller and operate autonomously according to the user’s programming.

Built to Last

Aside from ease-of-use and rich feature set, the DAQiFi hardware is designed to be incredibly robust. All its ports and electrical interfaces are protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, electrostatic discharge, and reverse polarity. The USB interface and internal lithium-ion battery are protected with automatically resetting polyfuses and are safeguarded against overvoltage, overcurrent, improper charging, and temperature extremes.

Before each Nyquist device is boxed, it will be flashed, tested and calibrated for proper operation. Users can count on Nyquist reliability!

Excellent for Everyone from Education to Business

K-12 Education Educators can use Nyquist in their classrooms as demonstration tools or hands-on devices.

University Research Rather than spending time setting up, programming, and troubleshooting traditional DAQ systems, graduate and undergraduate engineering students can gain efficiency in both time and budget with Nyquist. Time dedicated to steps that detract from the science with traditional systems can be reallocated to actual research.

Engineering Research and Development Engineering companies can utilize Nyquist as a tool for collecting data during the research and development phases of their business. Software libraries are available to program custom solutions tailored to customers’ products, creating a complete, professional data acquisition and control system.

Small Business Small businesses can embed Nyquist into quality control machinery, medical devices, or even race cars to tune the suspension – the possibilities are endless!

Hobbyists The Nyquist can be paired with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to serve as a powerful hardware interface for either of these microcontrollers and single board computers. You can use Nyquist to build custom projects like robots, interactive arcade games, WiFi controlled RC cars, etc.

Features & Specifications


Nyquist 1USB-6000cDAQ-9191 + NI-9381U12T7-ProUSB-201USB-1808DI-4108-UDI-4718B-E
Company DAQiFi National Instruments National Instruments LabJack LabJack Measurement Computing Measurement Computing DATAQ DATAQ
Analog Inputs 16 SE / 8 SE & 4 DIFF, 12 bit, 16 kS/s Aggregate, 0-5 V 8 SE, 12 bit, 10 kS/s Aggregate 8 SE, 12 bit, 20 kS/s Aggregate 8 SE / 4 DIFF, 12 bit, 1.2 kS/s 14 SE / 7 DIFF, 16-24 bit ±10 V 8 SE, 12 bit ±10 V 8 SE, 18 bit ±10 V 8 DIFF, 12-16 bit, ±10 V 8 DIFF, 12-16 bit, ±10 V
Analog OutputsNone None 8x, 5 V 2x, 5 V 2x, 5 V None 2x, 5 V None None
Digital IO16x, 5 V 4x, 5 V 4x, 5 V 20x, 3.3V 23x, 3.3V 8x, 5 V 4x, 5 V 7x, 25 V Open-Drain None
InterfacesUSB, WiFi USB WiFi, Ethernet USB USB, Ethernet, WiFi USB USB USB USB, Ethernet
Native Mobile AppYes No No No No No No No No
Integrated SD Card StorageYes No No No No No No Yes Yes
BatteryYes No No No No No No No No
Software CostFree LabVIEW (~$4,000) LabVIEW (~$4,000) Free Free $50-$2500 $50-$2500 $99-$199 $99-$199
Calibration CostIncluded Not available Not available Not available $70 Not available Not available $95 $95
Price$229 $175 $516+$535=$1051 $180 $600 $99 $735 $548 $795

Support & Documentation

You can find the Nyquist 1 source code and design files in our GitHub repository and its datasheet on our website. You can also reach out to us using the Ask a technical question form on our campaign page or contact Crowd Supply if you have order-specific questions.

At the heart of Nyquist 1 is the Microchip PIC32MZ, complemented by the Microchip ATWINC1510 for wireless connectivity and the Microchip DSC1001 for a stable clock.

In the Press

CNX Software

"Equipped with 16 digital I/Os and 16 analog inputs, the Nyquist 1 can be used with all sorts of sensors to measure force and strain, pressure, temperature, current & voltage, luminosity, weight, pH angular velocity, and more."


"Pensado para su uso en aplicaciones de la IoT, el sistema de adquisición de datos Nyquist 1 cuenta con un hardware durable, y un software simple."

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Produced by DAQiFi in Golden, CO.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Nyquist 1

Includes a single Nyquist 1 DAQ, a 10 ft USB cable, and a pair of pluggable terminal blocks

$229 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Golden, CO  ·   DAQifi  ·   daqifi  ·   daqifi.com

For engineers who need a modern, convenient data acquisition and control method, DAQiFi offers the Nyquist series DAQs. Nyquist is a portable, WiFi enabled, mobile-compatible, data acquisition system which can operate anywhere without the need of a PC.

Christopher Lange
Tyler Kron
Daniel Miller
Marc Bernardini

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