An innovative deck fastening system that eliminates nails and screws from the deck surface.

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Nov 30 2013
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An innovative deck fastening system that eliminates nails and screws from the deck surface.

You’re going to spend thousands of dollars creating an outdoor living space you and your family and friends can enjoy. For little more than what you were going to spend on nails or extension screws to mar the beauty of your deck there is DeckConnect. A no maintenance deck that will last for years.

Over 25 years of contracting I’ve built many decks. Every contractor, builder or homeowner that I’ve installed decks for have lamented that their fixing options were nails or screws.

Once, in the middle of a big job the developer wanted a deck with no aesthetic damage to the surface. At the time there was nothing on the market to accomplish that. I was inspired to find a better way.

A couple of months later, I was installing hardwood floors when the idea of how to make a fastening system that was easy to install, effective and economic was born. The DeckConnect system is the result of that inspiration.

The Problem

With every nail or screw you use to fasten the planks, you create a point of entry for water to mar the beauty of your deck. Nails or screws reduce the aesthetic appeal of your deck and generate long term maintenance challenges.

The Solution

DeckConnect eliminates water damage by attaching decking to framing surfaces that naturally shed water. Our patent pending design system uses no exposed fasteners, nails or screws to mar the beauty of your deck.

A simple clip that will beautifully transform your deck while increasing its lifespan.

Why DeckConnect?

The outdoor deck is a staple of the home. DeckConnect offers a simple and cost effective solution to keep your deck looking its best. The envy of everyone in the neighborhood.


  1. After securing the initial edge with screws, install Deck-Connect connectors to the leading edge of the board approximately 4 feet apart. Then install connectors to the bottom edge of the next board.

  2. Next, roll the board up and tuck the bottom edge under the previously attached board.

  3. Push boards together and install connectors to the leading edge once again.

Frame 1: leading edge secured to base board and connectors installed on next board. Frame 2: roll next board and tuck under the bottom edge of previous board. Frame 3: push boards together and install connectors to the new leading edge.

DeckConnect connectors self space for a professional, even look. And No need for expensive contractors, DeckConnect is DIY friendly!

Decks suffer from water leaking into the nail holes of the decking material. On wood decks this causes boards to split and warp leaving your deck. Not to mention rows of nails are an eye sore and possibly a foot-sore!

Even composite decks suffer from exposed nails, hurting the integrity of the material, and acting as an eye sore.

DeckConnect decks (left) have a clean finish with no nail holes at all, unlike traditional nail/screw decks.

DeckConnect decks (left) do not suffer from warping or water damage and edges look much better than traditional nail/screw decks.

An evenly spaced, nail free deck. Its that easy!

Manufacturing Plan

Deck Connect is manufactured right here in Portland, Oregon, USA.


What kind of decking material does DeckConnect work on?

DeckConnect works on any decking material; cedar, hardwood composite, you name it!

How many boxes do I need for my deck?

One box can cover a 100-square-foot deck. If you are unsure how many boxes you may need, send me an email using the link below.

What kind of screws do I use for the base-board fasteners?

2" work best, and they will be included in your DeckConnect Box.

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Produced by DeckConnect in Portland, OR.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

DeckConnect Box

Each box contains 150 fasteners and 300 screws. Enough for 100 square feet of decking in any material (cedar, composite, hardwood). Get as many boxes as your deck requires!

$89 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team


Portland, OR

Nick Emerson set out to solve the problem of unattractive and integrity-compromising nails and screws in deck installation.

Nick Emerson

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