Wireless, fully programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad featuring 16 RGB, mechanical, hot-swappable keys and two RGB rotary encoders

Oct 13, 2023

Project update 8 of 8

New Units and Community

by Nick Velasquez

Hi DeepDeck community!

We are glad to announce that there are more DeepDecks soon to be sent out into the world! We manufactured a new batch to send to Crowd Supply :)

Our experience at Crowd Supply’s Teardown

For DeepSea Developments, a company with a passion for technology and creating innovative products, this event was more than just a meeting; it was an opportunity to connect at a deeper level to a world of ideas and creativity. The passion shared by the attendees to build something different and break technological barriers was evident from the first moment.

The excitement in the air was contagious as developers, engineers, and creatives came together with the common goal of bringing to life ideas that could change the way we interact with the world.

One of the most enriching experiences was the possibility of seeing ideas in their earliest stages of development (See marketing IoT). DeepSea Developments found inspiration in the diversity of approaches and the desire of creators to take risks and explore unknown areas.

We enjoyed the different presentations, from strategies to fund your projects, to amazing live demonstrations with electronics, hacking, and how to use different technologies for boosting new project ideas.

One of the presentations that caught our attention was a 3D printed dress, which was created by Sophy Wong. This was very innovative since the 3D printing machine can build clothes, which can be called a wearable dress. On the other hand, we liked a lot another open source project for creating low cost microchips.

Our community is growing

It makes us very happy to know how our community is growing, where DeepDeck has taken on very cool new styles.

DeepDeck key
DeepDeck light
DeepDeck case

If you are new, What do I do when I receive my DeepDeck?

When you receive your DeepDeck, go to our pages to learn everything about the project, and see the guides we are preparing for you!:

If you have any questions, join our Discord server where you can talk with the DeepDeck team!

Update Website

We want to announce the new release of the website some of the changes:

Update Firmware

✨ New Firmware Release v0.5.6 ✨

We just released a new version, improving stability and some internal problems, plus many issues reported in GitHub issues!.

Thanks @Slugsie for all the feedback on the previous versions. You can program it now with the DeepDeck programmer and let us know any feedback you have!

What comes next?

DeepDeck is a live project. You will receive the hardware and a basic firmware. Make sure to follow the instructions on the webpage to update the firmware. We are preparing a major release on the firmware version, and we are doing everything we can so you have it when you receive your DeepDeck! Share with us on Discord how you will be using the DeepDeck, and any ideas you have for the future. We will be gathering them to make a schedule on firmware releases!

And thank you again!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign, and we are very excited to see what all of you can do with DeepDeck! It makes us very happy that our community is growing :)

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