Wireless, fully programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad featuring 16 RGB, mechanical, hot-swappable keys and two RGB rotary encoders

Apr 07, 2023

Project update 7 of 8

Shipment in Progress!

by Nick Velasquez

Hi DeepDeck community!

We are glad to announce that you will have the DeepDeck soon in your hands! (and if you haven’t bought yours yet, Crowd Supply will have a small stock, so get yours before they run out!!)


As you might know from previous updates, we had several delays in terms of the shipment process, but happily, that is something in the past. We delivered 3 boxes full of DeepDecks on March 24 2023 from Cali, Colombia, where the DeepDecks are manufactured. They were delivered on March 31 to the Crowd Supply’s distribution partner, Mouser. April 5 the import process was done, so now Crowd Supply is ready to send the DeepDecks to all of you!

Please check if your delivery info is correct, so there is no delay because of a typo in your address! You can confirm your order details within your Crowd Supply account:

What do I do when I receive my DeepDeck?

When you receive your DeepDeck, go to our pages to know everything about the project, and see the guides we are preparing for you!:

If you have any question, join our Discord server where you can talk with the DeepDeck team!

What comes next?

DeepDeck is a live project. You will receive the hardware and a basic firmware. Make sure to follow the instruction on the webpage to update the firmware. We are preparing a major release on the firmware version, and we are doing everything we can so you have it when you receive your DeepDeck! Share with us on Discord how you will be using the DeepDeck, and any ideas you have for the future. We will be gathering them to make a schedule on firmware releases!

And thank you again!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign, and we are very excited to see what all of you can do with DeepDeck! We will put forward our best effort to give you all the support, and keep improving the project over time. Thank you for believing in our project!

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