Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver (AIR-T)

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Jul 24, 2018


Deepwave is excited to announce that we are funded!

First off, we would like to thank everyone who supported the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver. We are very excited about the momentum the AIR-T has generated. We want to truly thank everyone who has helped us achieve this goal, weeks ahead of schedule.

Over the past month, we have received emails and inquiries from individuals, researchers, and companies from around the world working on creative projects far beyond what we had imagined the AIR-T would be used for. For those people, we just want to let you know that we hear you too.

Thank You!

The Deepwave Team

$50,689 raised

of $20,000 goal

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Aug 14

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The AIR-T is the first platform that enables out-of-the-box machine learning wireless systems. Simply port current GNURadio or code directly in Python to access the radio frequency spectrum. Save 10% off of MSRP.


MCX-to-SMA Cables (6 Pack)

A set of six MCX-to-SMA cables allows for easy access to all the AIR-T MCX connections simultaneously. Each cable is 6 inches (15.24 cm) long with a male MCX right-angle connector and a female SMA (bulkhead style) connector.

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