Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver (AIR-T)

A high-performance SDR seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art deep learning hardware

Jul 19, 2018

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NVIDIA, the powerhouse in high-performance computing, has backed the Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver!

"We’ve seen major advancements in machine learning when applied to
computer vision tasks, but the wireless spectrum remains relatively
unexplored. The AIR-T board will allow researchers, developers, and
hobbyists to experiment with artificial intelligence and high
performance compute at the RF edge."
Arjun Dutt, director of the Inception program at NVIDIA

NVIDIA is the leader in high-performance computing. From autonomous cars to large data centers, NVIDIA leads the pack in performance computing. NVIDIA has decided to support our entry into the wireless and artificial intelligence markets. When we began this journey over a year ago, we knew from the very beginning we needed to partner with the best people and organizations in the industry. We are excited to announce their support for our product and making high-performance Software Defined Radios a reality.

Visual Updates


A number of changes have taken place over the past few months and we thought this was a good time to give everyone a visual update! Looking at the images shows the complexity required to build such a system. The AIR-T has three digital processors, all of which have their own specialized use cases. We have added command and control for each of the processors via GPIO, UART, I2C, JTAG, and even XADC. Not to mention the front-facing connectivity, including a 15 V power input, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, SD card, and 1 Gb Ethernet. There are also a few more connections that are surface mount, including SATA, charge controler, and power switch headers. The AIR-T is still a mini-ITX form factor with all of the crucial connectivity placed up front for easy access. The RF connectors are surface mount of the MCX variety. See our previous update for the mechanical drawings that accompany these renderings. We are very close to finalizing the design, so there may be a few small tweaks. These images are extremely close to the final design. Please note that a few of the header pins may be dropped in the final production board. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

The Deepwave Team

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