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Bring Up and Shipping Addresses

The bare mainboards are built, they power on, and load the operating system as expected. This is really great news - this process could have required many days of troubleshooting and adjusting, but it didn’t.

Full assembly still needs to happen, which entails enclosing the boards in security shells and cases. Some of these parts are struggling to meet the agreed upon dates, but there’s no definite slip in the schedule yet - we’ll keep you posted. Also, key fobs still need to be manufactured and quite a lot of software testing and configuration remains. That said, successfully bringing up the mainboard was a critical milestone we’re glad to have passed!

Shipping Addresses

As we get closer to shipping the first batch of ORWLs, now is the time to update your shipping address in case you’ve moved. You can update your shipping address by logging in to your Crowd Supply account. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships. If you have more questions about shipping, please take a look at The Crowd Supply Guide.

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Product Choices


ORWL - Glass Enclosure

The world's most physically secure computer. Comes with 8GB RAM, one secure key fob, Intel Skylake M7 processor, 480 GB storage capacity, operating system, and glass enclosure.


ORWL - Plastic Enclosure

The world's most physically secure computer. Comes with 8GB RAM, one secure key fob, Intel Skylake M3 processor, 120 GB storage capacity, operating system, and plastic enclosure.


Rackmount Server Chassis

This 1U steel rackmount server chassis is the perfect solution for housing up to three ORWL computers in a co-located server environment.


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