Crowd Supply Guide: Supporting a Project

By making a purchase on Crowd Supply, you are helping a project come to life that might not otherwise have seen the light of day. There are three ways to make a purchase:

  1. Crowdfunding: Making a pledge during a project’s crowdfunding campaign means you are pre-paying for a product that doesn’t exist yet. You will only be charged once the project reaches its funding goal, which may be before the end of the campaign. If the project does not reach its funding goal, you WILL NOT be charged. Crowdfunding campaigns usually last 30-60 days.

    Funded projects go on to use the collected funds to manufacture the first batch and ship your order as soon as it’s ready, at which point you will receive a shipping confirmation email. Campaign backers often enjoy special pricing, access to limited edition versions, and other perks.

  2. Pre-order: After a crowdfunding campaign has successfully ended, you can still place a pre-order to reserve your spot in line while the first batch is being manufactured. Pre-orders are filled after crowdfunding orders, but often still offer a discount from the eventual retail price. Pre-orders are only available for a limited time, before the project becomes available as a regular, in-stock item.

  3. In-stock: Once a project has successfully manufactured and shipped its first batch of products to its crowdfunding and pre-order customers, Crowd Supply will often purchase inventory and resell it just like any other online store. In-stock orders usually ship directly from Crowd Supply’s warehouse within one business day. In-stock products are available for sale until inventory runs out.

Ordering, Paying, Shipping: The Details

How can I pay?

The easiest way to pay is with a credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover). Under certain circumstances, we can also accept other forms of payment such as Bitcoin, PayPal, personal checks, cash, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, and wire transfers (domestic and international). These alternate forms of payment may incur additional service charges and fees, and they may require pre-payment. To use them, you’ll need to contact us at

When will my order ship?

Every product lists an estimated ship date on the project’s campaign page. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as the item has been shipped. The best way to find out the latest status of manufacturing and shipping is to check the “Updates” section of a project’s campaign page. This is preferable to emailing busy creators and their team.

In-stock items will ship within one business day from Crowd Supply’s warehouse. For crowdfunding and pre-order items, the ship date is the best estimate given manufacturing lead times and how many people have already ordered the product ahead of you.

Crowd Supply works with product creators to make crowdfunding and pre-order shipping estimates as accurate as possible, but there can sometimes be variation in the actual ship dates. Keep in mind these are products coming to market for the first time and there may be unforeseen delays. Check the “Updates” section for the latest information.

Where can orders be shipped?

All Crowd Supply products ship free to the US. We will ship internationally anywhere we are legally allowed. International shipments are charged a flat fee that varies by the product. This fee is listed on the project page.

How can I change my shipping or billing address?

You can change your shipping address by going to your Crowd Supply account page, choosing the open order you want to change the address for, and then clicking the “Update Shipping Address” button. You will need to log in before accessing your account.

If your billing address changes during the course of the campaign, as long as your transaction has been processed, there is no need to change it. If we encounter any issues processing a transaction due to a mis-matched address, we will email you a notification explaining the issue.

Where do orders ship from?

All orders fulfilled directly by Crowd Supply ship from our warehouse in Portland, OR, USA. Some creators choose to do order fulfillment themselves. Those orders typically ship from wherever the manufacturer or creator is located. In practice, however, the large majority of orders ship from Portland.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel a crowdfunding item any time before a campaign reaches its funding goal. After a campaign ends, cancellations are left up to the discretion of the creator. In practice, creators usually allow cancellations. In-stock orders and pre-orders can be cancelled if they haven’t shipped yet. Please email us at and be sure to include your order number.

What happens if a campaign does not meet its goal?

Your card will not be charged in any way. If you used an alternate form of payment, you will receive a refund.

More Details

You can view the legal language defining these policies on our Terms of Use page.

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