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Feb 12, 2021

Project update 10 of 12

Many Exciting Updates!

by Stuart Schechter

Your DiceKeys and Stickeys are now in Texas (after being stuck in bad weather in Chicago) and are expected to arrive at Crowd Supply’s Texas distribution center by Monday.

If you want more frequent updates on their travels than are appropriate for email, we’ll be posting them on twitter @DiceKeysLLC.

Progress by platform

iOS & MacOS

The DiceKeys app is in the App Store with all the V1 features promised in our last update. Just search for "DiceKeys", download it, and test it out. Until your DiceKey arrives, you can use the image below, either printed or displayed on a screen (other than on the device you’ll be scanning it from, of course).

If you want to generate your own random DiceKey while you wait, use the generator at via the web-based app at: https://dicekeys.app.


We now have a team of four engineers rushing to get the Android app ready by the time your DiceKeys arrive. If even our twitter updates @DiceKeysLLC aren’t frequent enough for you, feel free to watch the code come together in the app’s GitHub repo.


Having diverged further and further from our web-based app, we’re now trying to decide whether to convert it into a Electron app (perhaps saving a bit of time and speeding up supporting linux) or to go straight to a pure Windows app (likely significantly more secure).

Updated V1 Features

Described in our last update:

You’ll need your fingerprint, face, or device PIN to unlock a device-stored DiceKey. Not everyone will want to risk storing their DiceKey on a device they carry with them, but the feature is there for those who want it. (Getting this right on Android is something that would have taken me a long time to figure out, but our new Engineer had experience doing this and so we were able to add it.)

Updating our website

Since our old website doesn’t have content at some of the links on our product packaging (e.g., https://dicekeys.com/safe-use) and in our apps, we’ll be pushing out a big website update too.

Best regards,

Stuart Schechter

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