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Jan 06, 2021

Project update 9 of 12

Platform and Feature Progress, Ship Dates, and Check Your Shipping Address!

by Stuart Schechter

Time to Check Your Shipping Address

This information is coming from Crowd Supply: Once the items arrive at Crowd Supply’s warehouse, they will be processed and received for distribution. We expect that orders will begin shipping by early February — please note that it is unlikely that all 1000+ orders will be shipped at once, so we appreciate your patience as orders are processed. Orders will be shipped in the order that they were placed (campaign orders first, pre-orders following).

Please take this time to check your delivery address, and update it through your Crowd Supply account if needed. Updating your shipping address helps avoid delays and get your orders shipped successfully. Once your order details have been sent out by our warehouse team for processing, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment.

Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

The rest of this update is from the DiceKeys team:

The DiceKey hardware components have all been produced, are being packaged together, and are scheduled to ship to Crowd Supply’s distribution center next week. We are now fully focused on readying the software.

We’ve spent the last month refining the iOS app, and iOS users can get access to the beta via TestFlight. We invested more time then planned on app’s step-by-step instructions for assembly and backup, because that will be utmost importance the day the hardware arrives. We’ve pushed back some items we hoped to get into v1 into a v1.1 that won’t be ready when the hardware arrives, but is limited in scope so that it shouldn’t be far behind.

We’ll be sending out more frequent updates via twitter @DiceKeysLLC.

Progress by platform


Since iOS is easier to prototype with than Android, it’s now our prototyping platform of choice and the iOS experience is the most polished. Alas, Apple does not allow iOS devices to write to the USB port, so Apple devotees will need to use the Mac version of the app to seed their SoloKeys.


Android devices can seed SoloKeys, but we’re just now starting to port the UI code over from MacOS and will lag a bit behind iOS and we’ll be prototyping new features on iOS first and them porting them back.


Our iOS app is using a new Apple framework (SwiftUI) that makes porting to MacOS fairly easy, and we’re mostly there, so we expect you’ll be able to seed your SoloKeys with the MacOS app.


We will likely be porting the web-based app to Electron to ship for the PC, but it is not likely to be ready until after the hardware arrives.

Progress by Feature

V1 (target: end of January)



Stuart Schechter

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