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Security keys you create by rolling dice

Sep 29, 2020

BIG News! (like, 20mm x 20mm big!), Software Updates, and Campaign Ending Thursday!

Over 400 backers responded to last week's one-question survey, and roughly three out of four asked for stickers for backing up DiceKeys. So we are giving our backers a free STICKEY set with every DiceKey ordered during the campaign, including to backers who squeeze in before Thursday's campaign deadline! Read the full update.

Sep 21, 2020

Beta Testing Underway, App Updates, and A One Question Survey For A Free Add-On

We have shipped test DiceKeys to everyone who joined our beta test program. We have also made a few app updates. The app will now inform users if it is unable to access a camera case and encourage them to correct this. We have also fixed a number of bugs that caused scanning to fail on Safari and some mobile browsers. Finally, we may be able to provide a free add-on to our backers. To help us prioritize this, please fill out the one-question survey in this update. Read the full update.

Sep 14, 2020

Last Week's AMA Behind the Scenes, Beta DiceKeys have shipped, and App Updates

Thanks to everyone who came to last week's AMA (ask me anything). Beta DiceKeys have been shipped to everyone who joined our beta program, and we have news about DiceKeys App updates! Be sure to read the full update for interesting details. Read the full update.

Sep 02, 2020

AMA, Beta Production, and Choosing an Open Source License

Please join our AMA (ask me anything) **TODAY** September 2nd at 5PM eastern, 2PM pacific, which is 6AM the next morning at DiceKeys HQ (KST). Select attendees will be invited to participate in our beta program and receive free beta hardware. Here's the Invite link: https://discord.gg/rKaMuwV Read the full update.

Aug 26, 2020

Discord AMA, Become a DiceKey Beta Tester, and Metal DiceKeys

We're so grateful for the amazing reception our campaign has received and so excited to see our first update reach > 1 kilobackers. If you're wondering when your DiceKey(s) will arrive, read on, including for a chance to be part of our beta program and receive a free test DiceKey as early as September. Read the full update.

Aug 19, 2020

Launch Announcement!

It's been a frantic rush to produce our introductory video and polish our launch materials for this campaign, so allow me to use this update to take a step back. I'll share our product's history, our values, and how those values are reflected in our business model. Read on for a launch announcement rich in detail, and be sure to check out the campaign! Read the full update.

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Security keys you create by rolling dice.

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