Meridian Nixie Clock

An elegant ATMega based Nixie clock that is a programmable clock, calendar or thermometer, with temperature and light sensors

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The Meridian Nixie Clock is based on an ATMega microcontroller and combines programmable temperature and light sensors with vintage IN-14 and IN-16 lamp bulbs. It can be used as a clock, calendar, or thermometer and has a range of attractive RGB backlighting to choose from. The In-14 lamp is used to display hours and minutes, and the In-16 lamp is used to display seconds.

Nixie tubes were used in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. A goal of this project is to help our generation not only understand how far we have come with technology, but also to appreciate the beauty of previous designs.

The elegant lasercut case, made of wood in oak or walnut tones, makes this clock unique. The body is covered with a smooth varnish that helps protect this clock over the long term. New bulbs are used in every clock, which greatly prolongs their life.

Fun fact, many less expensive Nixie tube products pulsate Nixie tubes to run them. While Nixie tubes can function in this way, it significantly reduces the Nixie tubes life. Since the tubes are getting harder to find, this circuit is designed to extend the life of the tube as much as possible.

Both ready-made clocks and DIY kits will be available in this campaign.

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"Meridian Nixie Clock kit is a programmable clock, calendar and more"

About the Team

Dmytro Kuksa

Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Dmytro makes retro-inspired modern technology.

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