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Product Choices


GetWired Basic Bundle

Everything you need to get started: one GetWired Ethernet Gateway, one GetWired 2SSR Shield, one GetWired RGBW Shield, and two GetWired MCU Modules, all fully assembled


5x Shields, 5x MCU Modules, and an Ethernet Gateway

The full set. One GetWired Ethernet Gateway, five GetWired MCU Modules, three GetWired 2SSR Shields, and two GetWired RGBW Shields, all fully assembled


10x GetWired MCU+Shield Modules (2SSR or RGBW)

A huge set of ten GetWired Shields (2SSR by default), each paired with its own MCU Module, all fully assembled. (RGBW Shields available at additional cost.)


GetWired 2SSR Shield & MCU Module

A ready-to-use kit containing one GetWired MCU Module and one GetWired 2SSR Shield, both fully assembled


GetWired RGBW Shield & MCU Module

A ready-to-use kit containing one GetWired MCU Module and one GetWired RGBW Shield, both fully assembled


GetWired Ethernet Gateway

A single GetWired Ethernet Gateway, fully assembled. Essential for most home automation installations!


GetWired MCU Module

A single, fully assembled GetWired MCU Module


Programmer, Adapter, and Wires

Essential for flashing your MCUs! A single USBasp v2.0 programmer, a custom adapter for GetWired MCU Modules, and some wires.



We are technology enthusiasts who have long been interested in DIY home automation systems. GetWired is our first project. It was inspired by the experience we gained, over the past several years, while pursuing that interest. We are excited to share it with other hobbyists and smart home fanatics in the hopes that it will help them build their own safe, reliable, privacy-friendly, wired home automation systems.

Jakub Kazibudzki

Sławomir Kiwała


PCB Manufacturer


SMD & THD assembly, parts sourcing, and coordination

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