A complete solution for easy-to-use and affordable wired home automation

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When you hear “wired home automation,” you probably think “difficult and costly.” Well that’s about to change. We believe it’s high time that home automation enthusiasts all over the world be given the resources they need to assemble a proper wired home automation system. GetWired provides reliable hardware and easy-to-use software that will help you get the job done right.

Key Details

GetWired is built around the well-known and reliable RS485 communication standard and relies on the open source MySensors communication protocol. It is compatible with Arduino IDE and ready for plug & play interaction with a large variety of open source home automation controllers, including Domoticz and Home Assistant.

System Architecture

Wired home automation usually demands a lot of cable and a whole lot of effort. To minimize both, we recommend adopting a decentralized system architecture by distributing wall-mounted modules throughout the building. Doing so requires only one additional cable, which can live alongside your traditional electrical infrastructure.


Our hardware is modular. Our primary board, the RS485 MCU Module, includes an Atmega 8-bit microcontroller and an RS485 transceiver. Its size, shape, and pinout arrangement are optimized for use in home automation applications. It is designed to host a number of different shields, each of which allows it to perform a particular set of tasks, such as:

  • Turning receivers on and off
  • Controlling roller shutters
  • Dimming LED tapes (white, RGB, and RGBW)
  • Checking button states
  • Reading sensor values
  • Monitoring energy usage

These shields are designed with ease-of-installation in mind. Some are wall-mounted and some are meant to be installed in your electrical switchboard. All are compatible with neat, 3D printable enclosures


We also provide easy-to-use, open source software that can be configured simply by commenting out the elements you don’t need. No programming experience required!


  • Complete: RS485-based wired home automation system capable of controlling home appliances, lighting, roller shutters, and more
  • Versatile & Future Proof: Open hardware and open source software
  • Easy to Use: Arduino IDE compatible, easy-to-configure software, and easy-to-mount hardware
  • Plug & Play: Ready for plug & play use with most open source home automation controllers, including Domoticz and Home Assistant
  • Efficient: Extremely low energy consumption
  • Privacy Friendly: Does not require cloud services and does not send anything out on the Internet (unless you tell it to)
  • Secure: Modules do not require Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Safe: Protected against ESD, overcurrent, overvoltage, and reverse polarity
  • Reliable: Tested in real life conditions


  • Microchip ATMEGA328PB microcontroller with 8 MHz clock
  • RS485 transceiver working on hardware serial ports for higher speeds and reliability
  • 64 kB of SPI flash for FOTW (Firmware Over The Wire) firmware updates
  • 12-pin interface for connecting shields, 6 different Molex connectors for I/Os
  • PWM, analog, and interrupt pins available
  • I²C and 1-wire interfaces (SPI only for programming purposes)
  • All I/O interfaces are 15 kV ESD protected
  • Very small size: 40x25 mm (40x34 mm when assembled with an in-wall mountable shield)
  • Power consumption under 0.5 W per module (with shield)
  • Compatible with 3D-printable enclosures

GetWired Modules

RS485 MCU Module

Microcontroller and transceiver board with Molex connectors for I/O – compatible with a variety of shields

RS485 2SSR Shield

2-channel AC controller for MCU – solid state relays, 200 W of sustained load, and analog current sensor for power monitoring

RS485 RGBW Shield

4-channel, 12-30 VDC dimmer – for white, RGB, and RGBW receivers

RS485 Ethernet Gateway

Switchboard-mountable gateway between RS485 modules and a home automation controller of your choosing – connects to your local network via Ethernet

GetWired is part of the Molex Stay Connected Design Challenge 2019!

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