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Jan 30, 2020

Project update 2 of 13

Our campaign has launched!

by Jakub Kazibudzki

Finally, our big day has come. We are ready and willing to do anything within our reach – or even beyond it – to make this campaign a success. But first, we need your help. If you like the look of GetWired, please support it by sharing our work with others!

Why We Created GetWired

Every year, more and more people develop an interest in assembling their own smart-home systems. The home-automation market is flourishing, as are a number of online communities devoted to open source projects in this area. Within this plenitude, however, we’ve noticed a bit of a void. Most open source solutions – and, indeed, most affordable commercial solutions – focus on wireless communication. They favor accessibility, portability, and ease of installation. Most wired smart-home systems involve exclusive, overpriced services provided by highly specialized companies.

Well, we found that void quite frustrating, so we decided to devote our time to filling it with an open, wired, home-automation system that would be suitable for makers, hobbyists, and smart-home enthusiasts alike. And hey, let’s be honest, we don’t expect to get mobbed by millions of wireless gadget fans looking for a quick way to automate some some analog chore. But we strongly believe there are enough of you out there to make GetWired worth the effort. And we’re counting on you to let us know whether or not we got this right.

But okay, let’s take it down a notch. Some announcements!


Please feel free to ask us questions. We’ll do our best to answer ASAP, and then we’ll pull together a FAQ and post it in a project update.


We’ve planned a whole list of project updates, but it’s entirely possible that we’ve missed some topic that’s glaringly obvious to anyone who’s interested in GetWired but who didn’t just spend two years of their life working on it. If there’s anything that you think we should cover in an update, please share it with us.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading this far, and we’ll see you next time! Meanwhile, keep calm and toss a coin to your wired home-automation engineer. ;)

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