Inkplate 10

A low-power, easy-to-program, open-hardware e-paper display with Wi-Fi support and a 9.7" screen

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Jun 01, 2021

Project update 7 of 11

Shipping Update

by David Z

Dear Backers,

Thank you all for your patience. At last, we are happy to tell you that the first batch of Inkplate 10 boards has been shipped to Mouser’s warehouse. From there, they will be distributed to backers all over the world, including yours. If you are outside of the USA and in the EU, your board will ship with pre-cleared VAT and customs. This might be the last moment to update your shipping address, if it has changed, so please check your Crowd Supply account if it did!

You can confirm your order details and more within your Crowd Supply account:

E-Paper Supply Chain Issues

What has delayed our manufacturing progress? It’s the e-paper supply chain, as mentioned in the last update under "Panel troubles" part. The supply chain was pretty much saturated and there were no e-paper panels needed for Inkplate 10 available. Luckily, we have secured enough for this first batch, and just the other day received an email from our supplier that new panels are available, which we booked right away. We expect no more delays due to the panel shortage at this moment.

What is up with the purple boxes? We can’t tell you yet, but some exciting news is coming soon!

Thank you again for your support!

David & team

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