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3D-Printable Enclosure

by David Z

Hello backers,

For the past few days, we have been working on a 3D-printable case for Inkplate 6. Many of you have asked for one, as a way to keep the fragile e-paper display safe. We will talk more about that before we ship, as there are other steps you can take: securing the display to the PCB, gluing a particularly sensitive connector in place, etc. But a case is probably the ultimate way to protect your new gadget, so…

3D-Printable Case

It is finally time to reveal our 3D printed case for Inkplate 6. The design files are not available for download quite yet, as we want to make a few more tweak before we release them. As soon as they’re available, we will add them to our GitHub repo and post an update!

Design Drawings

We have also improved our technical drawings of the board, which we have added to the Inkplate 6 hardware repo. (You can click on the diagrams below to expand them.)

Inkplate 6 Drawing (pdf):

Inkplate 6 Features (pdf):


BTW, if you missed last week’s livestream, you can still watch it here.

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Inkplate 6

Fully assembled and ready for use.


Inkplate 6 w/ Enclosure

Fully assembled in a 3D-printed enclosure and ready for use.


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