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Jan 28, 2020

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3D-Printed Enclosure Now Available!

by David Z

Hello everyone,

Moved by a groundswell of demand, we are getting ready to power up our printers and start making 3D-printed enclosures, which are now available as an optional upgrade to our existing Inkplate 6 product. It’ll cost you an extra $15, but no additional shipping or import fees.

If you already purchased an Inkplate 6 and want to add a 3D-printed enclosure, please let Crowd Supply know by reaching out through the campaign page and providing your order number. They’ll upgrade your order (and charge you the additional $15).

The enclosure will be black, as shown in the photograph below, and will consist of two pieces secured to one another by four screws. If you want to print your own enclosure, the STL files will be published at some point in February.

Our campaign is ending soon, but we remain open to whatever questions or suggestions you might have. And thanks again for all the support. We look forward to shipping out your Inkplate!

David & the team

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