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Versatile, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-enabled e-paper display

Jun 24, 2021

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Inkplate with touchscreen and backlight now available

by David Z

Hello everyone,

Development of the Inkplate family marches on. We are listening to your feedback and doing our best to provide products you’ll find most suitable for your project. Now, it’s time we present you with Inkplate 6PLUS - it’s the same, easy-to-use, e-paper 6.0 board, but now with a touchscreen and front lighting.

Inkplate 6PLUS is currently funding on Crowd Supply. It improves on many aspects of the Inkplate 6. Although the screen size is the same, the resolution is much higher, 1024 x 758 pixels, compared to 800 x 600 on the Inkplate 6. The 6PLUS also uses the newer generation of e-paper panels which achieve 212 PPI (pixels per inch), compared to 167 PPI for the Inkplate 6.

The most notable difference is, of course, the touch screen. The 6PLUS will support two simultaneous finger touches for your interactive e-paper applications. There is front lighting as well, so you can use the board under any light conditions, from direct sun to total darkness. Screen refresh time is still as great, with only 1.27 sec for a full screen refresh. Naturally, like its older brother, the 6PLUS supports partial refreshes and greyscale mode.

In addition, all the improvements we made with the Inkplate 10 are available on the Inkplate 6PLUS: 16 free GPIO pins, real-time clock, super-low-power mode, Li-Ion battery charger, 3D printed enclosure etc. For programming, the classic Arduino library, MicroPython, and ESP-IDF are available.

Inkplate 6PLUSInkplate 6
Screen Size 6" 6"
Resolution1024 x 758 800 x 600
Total number of pixel776,192 480,000
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)212 PPI 167 PPI
TouchscreenYes No
FrontlightYes, controllable No
All-in-one BoardYes Yes
Low-Power Mode22 μA 25 μA
Wi-FiYes Yes
Battery ChargerYes Yes
MicroSD slotYes Yes
GrayscaleYes Yes
Partial UpdateYes Yes
Refresh Time1.27 s 1.26 s
Refresh Time per Pixel1.63 μs 2.63 μs

The Inkplate 6PLUS is currently funding on Crowd Supply and it is expected to ship by November 2021 (a little longer timeframe we had hoped for due to the electronic components shortage).

Thank you for your support!

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