Inkplate 6

Versatile, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-enabled e-paper display

Aug 14, 2020

Project update 14 of 20

Our Forum, Arduino Library Development, New Sample Code, and Plans For the Future

by David Z

Hello everyone,

We are happy to report that, aside from a few orders for which we are waiting on updated shipping information, all crowdfunded Inkplates have now gone out, and backers all over the world have reported receiving theirs. A few Inkplates were damaged in transit, but we have already shipped replacements (and have asked Mouser to increase the amount of padding they use) so all is well. Pre-orders are now being prepared for shipping, and we’ll let you know when they start going out.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy getting our Forum up, improving the Inkplate 6 Arduino libraries, and putting together some new sample code.

Inkplate Forum

We have set up a forum for everything Inkplate. If you’re looking for support or want to discuss project ideas or development challenges, come check it out! In order to post to the forum, you’ll need to register (brief instructions are here).

Arduino library development

We’ve recently added some features to our Arduino libraries:

New Sample Code

Using these examples is super simple. Put your Inkplate 6 to use just by adding your Wi-Fi credentials!

Other Stuff

What’s Next?

We haven’t slowed down and are still working on a lot of different things:


Now that many of you have received your Inkplate, we would love to hear about how you are using then. What was easy? What was hard? Did it meet your expectations? Come visit us on our forum and let us know what you think!

Until next time,
David & the team

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