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Feb 05, 2020

Project update 10 of 24

First Fulfillment Update

by Denis

It’s been four weeks since our campaign ended, and it’s high time for the first update on our progress toward fulfillment. Below is an overview of what has happened since the campaign. In addition, you should begin to see new updates more frequently.

  1. We contacted our chosen PCBA manufacturer with the final BOMs to get information about manufacturing costs and a delivery estimate. Their response was neither timely nor satisfactory, so we closed the deal with other company that participated in initial biding. Test batch production (i.e. component sourcing, PCB manufacturing, pick & place programming, etc.) started last Friday.
  2. We promptly informed our enclosure manufacturer about changes to the front and rear panels, and they sent us a new prototype. The Ethernet socket has now been moved from the front to the rear panel, and the BOOT0 switch needed for master MCU firmware download has been moved from the AUX-PS module to the MCU module.
  3. We contacted various vendors about enclosure nuts & bolts, AC/DC converter modules, TFT displays, etc. Purchase orders were sent and money transfers were made. During that process, we learned that our source for AC/DC converters can only provide them in the required quantities if they are manufactured on demand. This puts us in the position of having to announce our first delay, though it should only push us back by about two weeks. We'll keep you informed of any changes, but we have encountered no other delays so far.

Our enclosure manufacturer (Varisom) sent us a few pictures from production:

Parts that will be used to assemble the EEZ BB3 enclosure



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