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Jan 05, 2020

Project update 9 of 24

More Fun with MicroPython & Post-Campaign Availability

by Denis

We are slowly realizing just how many new possibilities BB3’s support for MicroPython scripting has opened up. After our first demo, in which we plotted a simple graph, we continued to work on the graph viewer and gave it the ability to display multiple curves at once. This feature makes BB3 a great tool for semiconductor testing that requires a so-called curve tracer. The video below shows how MicroPython can be used to automate the measurement of N-ch MOSFET and NPN BJT characteristics using two DCP405 power modules. The scripts that make this possible not only demonstrate how you can control power modules using the almost 380 SCPI commands now supported by BB3, they also provide examples that you can adapt for various other test scenarios.

Post-Campaign Availability

Since there are just a couple of days before the campaign comes to an end, we’d like to comment on the breakdown of support provided for the various pledge levels we made available. It seems that we received a lot of backing for the two extremes: for the Enclosure & Bare Boards, at the inexpensive end of the spectrum, and for the Two Channel (Full) at the other end. This information will help us optimize future planning and production. Accordingly, we would like to announce that the DCP405B peripheral power module (the cheaper version of the DCP405) will no longer be available after the campaign ends. Consequently, that module will be replaced by the full-featured DCP405 in all kits that currently include it, and prices will be updated accordingly. Also, please note that the price of the Enclosure & Bare Boards will increase slightly.

Thanks again for your support. Now let’s see if we can reach that stretch goal!



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