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Jul 01, 2021

Project update 24 of 24

Latest Firmware *1.7* Released and a Note for Two-Channel BB3 users

by Denis

We are pleased to announce that BB3 firmware version 1.7 has been released. As before, you can find instructions for the firmware upgrade in Chapter 13 of the user manual.

In this version, 42 published issues (fixes and improvements) have been resolved, thanks in large part to your feedback and suggestions. We would highlight the following features:

Unfortunately the German version of the User Manual is not yet synchronized with this firmware version because we no longer have a person available to do so (If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact us).

Note to owners of the two-channel BB3 kit

Finally, one note to owners of the two-channel BB3 kit, i.e., all those who have two Mean Well LRS-150F-48s to power DCP or DCM modules. It turns out when the two Mean Well’s are turned on, they put extra stress on the circuit that controls their AC power input. The end result can be overheating of the R4 power resistor (only the AUX-PS module r3B3, green PCB is affected!). As a remedy for this, it proved sufficient to install an X2 capacitor in parallel to the AC input of one of the Mean Wells. The value does not seem to be critical, as the problem is solved using a 0.47 uF cap as well as a 4.7 uF we tried.

This problem has been reported and explained on GitHub as #108.

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