EEZ H24005 Power Supply

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Jun 19, 2017

Project update 18 of 20

Assembled Modules and Firmware v1.0

I got confirmation (and a tracking number) from ITEAD that assembled modules are on the way. If everything goes smoothly, we can expect them here in the course of this week.

A few dozen Arduino shield modules are not completely assembled due to a shortage of 8-pin connectors at the time of assembly. To avoid further delays we agreed I order the missing parts and solder them on when the modules arrive. It seems that connector (ZL305-08) is unfortunately pretty exotic and backers of bare PCBs could face difficulties obtaining it. Therefore, I’ve decided to include the connector with all bare PCBs (set of four for positions X12 and X14).

I have to perform basic testing of all modules (twelve hundred of them), mount them on front panels, rear panels and heatsinks and complete packaging. The next update should be the one when I’ll let you know everything has departed on the way to Crowd Supply’s warehouse.

Firmware v1.0

Firmware v1.0 is released today and will be uploaded to the Arduino Due included in the complete kit. This release fixes a few bugs, adds settings for Ethernet and serial ports, supports for digital I/O, and adjusts the date and time using NTP.

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