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Jan 09, 2017

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Channel Coupling Without Hassle

The EEZ H24005 has two isolated channels, the outputs of which can be combined to get higher voltage (up to 80 V) or current (up to 10 A), within the overall power limit of 310 W. Unlike many other power supplies that allow such channel coupling, with the EEZ H24005 you don’t need to pay special attention to wiring thanks to built-in power relays for both voltage and current coupling. This decreases the risk of damaging the power supply due to a tiny wiring mistake.

Additionally, since the firmware has native support for coupling modes, there is no need for additional calculations when new output values have to be programmed or measured (e.g. how to set 67.89 V, or 7.89 A). The single coupled channel accepts and displays output values in an extended range (i.e., up to 80 V and 10 A) on both local (touch-screen display) and remote (SCPI) interfaces. Output controls and protections are also managed concurrently just as if you were working with a single channel. More details follow in the video below.

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