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A USB-powered, low-priced, open source RF signal generator

Oct 11, 2019

Project update 11 of 12

New Improvements and Units are in Stock

Better LCD GUI

We did some improvements on GUI design. We added kHz, MHz, GHz separators with vertical lines. Frequency and amplitude fields are now much more readable.

Frequency field is more readable

When inputting a new frequency value, users don’t need to press CLR button to clear the previous frequency value. Typing the new frequency value directly will automatically clear the previous one.

Separators for kHz, MHz, GHz

Thanks to user feedbacks, we were able to detect a few bugs. We fixed several minor bugs in the LCD firmware. Latest LCD GUI firmware can be found on our GitHub repository.

Much Faster External Modulation

By tweaking and squeezing the last drops of performance out of ATMega32U4, we were able increase the AM and FM external modulation bandwidth to more than 15 kHz. This was not an easy undertaking, we had to do some register level coding to be able to read ADC samples. We also switched to an LUT-based design instead of doing calculations at the run-time. We have also reviewed the internal modulation calculations and recalibrated them. Internal modulation functionality is more precise now.

Previous firmware (Yellow) vs new firmware (Turquoise) (External AM Modulation with 200 Hz Sine wave
Previous firmware (Yellow) vs new firmware (Turquoise) (External AM Modulation with 10 kHz Sine wave

Running Modulations and Sweep at the Same Time

ERASynth Micro already had this feature but there were a few bugs. We fixed those bugs and now users can run frequency sweeps simultaneously with modulations.

The latest firmware release can be downloaded from our GitHub repository.

ERASynth Micro Units are now in Stock

We’ve already shipped the second batch. All preorders have been fulfilled by Crowd Supply team. At the time of writing this update, 43 units were in stock. Stock items can be ordered directly from Crowd Supply with free US shipping.

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