ERASynth Micro

A USB-powered, low-priced, open source RF signal generator

Jan 25, 2021

Microwave Journal Mention & Back in Stock

We topped Microwave Journal's list of affordable signal generators! We have produced the third batch of our popular signal generator and it is now in stock. Read the full update.

Oct 11, 2019

New Improvements and Units are in Stock

Thanks to the valuable feedback we received from our backers, we have been improving ERASynth Micro. We have improved the user interface and several other features. Read the full update.

Sep 03, 2019

Second Batch Almost Ready

Second batch of ERASynth Micro units are almost ready to ship. Read the full update.

Jul 11, 2019

ERASynth Micro Featured on the Signal Path Blog

Shahriar from the Signal Path Blog has done an excellent review and teardown of ERASynth Micro. Read the full update.

Jul 01, 2019

Thank You!

After 30 days of campaign, ERASynth Micro has received support from 110 backers from 20 countries all over the world. This is great. We would like to thank you all for your support. Early-bird units are currently on there way to Crowd Supply. Read the full update.

Jun 27, 2019

Campaign Ending Soon

Early-bird units are almost ready to ship and the campaign is about to end. Read the full update.

Jun 24, 2019

Source Code Uploaded to GitHub

We have uploaded ERASynth Micro source codes to our repo on GitHub. Read the full update.

Jun 18, 2019

Frequency Switching Speed

We did a frequency switching speed measurement on ERASynth Micro. We verified that ERASynth Micro can switch between frequencies in about 600 μs. Read the full update.

Jun 13, 2019

Integer Boundary Spurs

We did some spurious measurements on ERASynth Micro. In this update we show that ERASynth Micro has surprisingly low integer boundary spurs thanks to its core IC LMX2572. Read the full update.

Jun 10, 2019

Funded & Amplitude Accuracy of ERASynth Micro

ERASynth Micro is funded! In this update we also cover how well the ERASynth Micro output level is calibrated. Read the full update.

May 30, 2019

ERASynth Micro is Now Live on Crowd Supply

This is a friendly reminder that the ERASynth Micro campaign is now live on Crowd Supply. ERASynth Micro is a low-priced, USB-powered version of our previous campaign ERASynth. Read the full update.

Dec 18, 2018

Status Update

A quick status update on the ERASynth Micro. Read the full update.

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