ERASynth Micro

A USB-powered signal generator that can generate RF frequencies from 12.5 MHz to 6.4 GHz

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ERASynth provides a clean RF output that can be used as a:

  • Stimulus source for RF testing
  • LO source for down-conversion or up-conversion
  • Clock source for data converters
  • Test signal source for software defined radio (SDR)


  • Frequency Range: 12.5 MHz to 6.4 GHz
  • Amplitude Range: -30 to +15 dBm
  • Phase Noise: -115 dBc/Hz @ 1 GHz output and 10 kHz offset
  • Frequency Switching Time: 1 ms typical
  • Reference: Ultra-low noise 50 MHz VCXO locked to a ±500 ppb TCXO
  • MCU: ATMEGA32U4-MU (same as in the Arduino Micro)
  • Interfaces:
    • Micro-USB for power input and serial access
    • REF In (SMA) for external reference input
    • RF Out (SMA)
    • Pin headers for trigger, external modulation and microphone inputs
    • Pin headers for GPIO, SPI and UART
    • Pin headers for Touch Display Module (3.2” Nextion NX4024T032)
  • Size: 48 mm x 109 mm x 27 mm (including the LCD screen)
  • Weight: < 200 g (including the LCD screen)
  • Power Input: 5 V
  • Power Consumption: < 2.5 W
  • Open Source: Schematics, embedded Arduino code, PC GUI source code, and RS-232 command set, LCD screen source code
  1. 5 V & 3.3 V out, VIN (5 V), SPI & UART interface, modulation input, microphone input, external trigger and ICSP
  2. RF out
  3. Reference
  4. LCD input
  5. Micro-USB, power input

ERASynth Micro with LCD screen

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Project Updates

Dec 18, 2018

Status Update

A quick status update on the ERASynth Micro. Read the full update.

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