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A tiny USB to I²C bridge that is compatible with I²CDriver

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Campaign is Live!

The campaign for I²CMini is now live! Just like its bigger version I²CDriver, I²CMini is a tool for controlling I²C devices over USB. Together they make an ideal workflow: you can debug and develop with I²CDriver, and deploy with I²CMini.

I²CMini came from a supporter suggestion during the I²CDriver campaign. The idea of a "headless" I²CDriver started making sense to me as a I started to use I²CDriver in places where a display wasn’t needed. The I²CMini a a tiny interface between USB and I²C - perfect if you build IoT, sensor or other lightweight embedded I²C networks.

Just like I²CDriver and SPIDriver, the I²CMini is about helping makers make things. Thanks for your support.

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Product Choices


I²CMini Core

An I²CMini from the first batch with a Qwiic cable.


I²CMini Expert

Three I²CMinis from the first batch, three Qwiic cables, six I²C modules, and two module carrier boards.


I²CMini Gold

Three I²CMinis from the first batch, three Qwiic cables, 20 I²C modules, and four module carrier boards.


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