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Fully Backed

Well, SPIDriver blasted through its goal, and is continuing to pick up pledges at a healthy rate.

First off, thanks to all the backers who made this happen.

It’s really exciting to see this momentum suddenly appear, and of course this is entirely due to the pledges of backers.

For me the SPIDriver project changes quite significantly at this point. Until now everything has been conditional on whether it will meet its goal. Now that it’s met the goal, my focus is turning to making SPIDriver as good as it can possibly be. That means all the preparations for the pledge packages, of course, but also getting the documentation and software squared away in time for the delivery.

So thanks again for your support, and if you get a chance to spread the word about SPIDriver, I’d be really grateful!

$30,278 raised

of $2,700 goal

1,121% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


SPIDriver Core

A SPIDriver from the first batch, complete with a set of hookup jumpers.


SPIDriver Expert

A SPIDriver with hookup jumpers, an Arduino-style SPI adapter, a sweet 160x128 SPI LCD display, and an in-circuit flash programming clip.


Excamera Labs

James Bowman



PCBA Manufacturer

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