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SPIDriver Stock Items and I²CDriver Campaign

SPIDriver Items Stocked

SPIDriver items are now stocked and available to ship immediately. SPIDriver is an easy-to-use tool for controlling SPI devices. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has a built-in color screen that shows a live logic-analyzer display of all SPI traffic.

Stop asking, “what’s it doing now?” and use SPIDriver to make talking to SPI hardware a smooth, intuitive process.

I²CDriver Campaign Launch

The I²C companion to SPIDriver — unsurprisingly named the I²CDriver — launched this week. Like SPIDriver, is has a bright color screen showing a live traffic display, giving you an instant window into the running protocol. It’s software also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. With I²CDriver and SPIDriver on your bench your digital designs should move significantly faster!

Check out the I²CDriver campaign here.

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Product Choices


SPIDriver Core

A SPIDriver, complete with a set of hookup jumpers.


SPIDriver Expert

A SPIDriver with hookup jumpers, an Arduino-style SPI adapter, a sweet 160x128 SPI LCD display, and an in-circuit flash programming clip.


Excamera Labs

I'm dedicated to building useful hardware and software, particularly where embedded systems meet graphics and imaging. Probably my best known public projects are the Gameduino series of game accessory boards, and the J1 CPU. I have benefited immensely from Open Source hardware and software, so I try to open source as much as I can.

James Bowman



PCBA Manufacturer

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