Explore M3

Arduino and Beyond with ARM Cortex M3.

Oct 13, 2016

Project update 2 of 3

Robots, LEDs, and the End of the Campaign

Hi Everyone,

We are delighted that because of your support, the campaign for Explore M3 has ended successful! When we started out working on Explore M3, our objective was to help people learn about powerful ARM micro-controllers, so that they can use them confidently in their projects. We will continue on our mission to create more resources and tutorials to make the learning process even easier. One thing we would like to emphasize again is that the technology learned with Explore M3 can be applied to numerous processors with the same architecture. We hope people will be much more confident using the controller/board in their projects and products because of the easily available tutorials and the openness of the project.

Thanks to pro-active decisions by Crowd Supply, we were able to order all the required parts for production even before the campaign ended. The re-designed PCB has arrived and is fully functional.

We have ordered the first batch of PCBs, and their components are on the way too. We are on schedule and should be able to fulfill all the pledges in time.

We have spent most of this month working on minor bug fixes in the firmware and on porting some of the commonly used libraries. Check out the WS2812 LEDs working with the Explore M3.

We also built a simple Robot with Explore M3.

We recently ran a workshop at a local makerspace on how to get started with ARM cortex M3. The workshop was about hoot get started with Explore M3 on Arduino and replicate the same experiments on bare-metal. Here are the slides from the presentation.

We believe that the best of Explore M3 has yet to come, and with your support it will become a great tool to build not just projects, but also products.



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