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Sep 14, 2016

Design Update and Thanks

Hi Everyone,

First, a big thanks to everyone for supporting Explore M3. We now have enough funding to produce the first batch of boards. For a last few days we were working on refining the design a little. There is no fundamental change in the schematic or design but we’re working on making look a little better. We have also included mounting holes for the board. So this is the form factor which will go into production.

The KiCAD design files along with the pdf schematic can be found in this repository. We will be waiting for a couple of days for your feedback before sending it out for the fab. Although this should work, we will be making only a few boards before mass producing them later. We are preparing for the first batch and I will write about it in the next update.

We are also working on a real time multitasking example, which we believe will be cool. If you are trying to solve any real time multi-tasking problems, do let us know. We are also looking for suggestions to make learning RTOS fun despite of technical depth. Do you think retro games, sensor fusion or multi-mode data logging be cool examples for multitasking that we should work on?

Lastly, we believe there is lots of potential for Explore M3. Do help us by spreading the word, sharing the project and by giving your valuable suggestions.

Regards, Sandeep

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Support Explore M3

Support open source hardware and software!


Explore M3

One Explore M3 board, fully assembled with headers. All you need to get started is a micro USB cable!


Explore M3 2-pack


Explore M3 5-pack


Soda Debug Adapter

SODA is a open source debug adapter that can be used to program and debug Explore M3. We have successfully tested SODA to work with Kiel, we are working on making it work with Eclipse and ARM GCC, so that you’ll have a open development tool chain.


ARM Starter Kit

The ARM starter kit equips you with all the components to complete most the tutorials in both the Arduino Series and the Bare Metal Series. We will continue to add some cool hacks and tutorials with these kits like retro games, data loggers etc. Explore M3 is all about learning ARM, than anything else, this kit will definitely get you started.

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