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Arduino and Beyond with ARM Cortex M3.

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Explore M3 is a feature rich ARM Cortex M3 development board. It can help you prototype ideas faster with Arduino and take them beyond, with bare metal programming, RTOS support and lower power modes if need be. All the source-code and hardware design files are open-source including the on board boot-loader. This makes it easy in using the board/chip in your custom designs.

Hardware Features

Explore M3 uses the built-in USB 2.0 interface for programming as well as serial communication. It does not use any other additional chip. Hence if you want to use the board/chip directly into your project it will be very cost-effective. In addition to that the board has several very useful features:

Explore M3 Pinout

Prototype with Arduino

The ARM Microcontroller (M Series) processors are relatively inexpensive yet very powerful for all kinds of projects from flight controllers to 3d Printers. The Arduino development boards and the Software allows quick prototyping with ARM Processors. However if you want to go beyond, utilize all the power, features and have complete control of your project, you may want to dig deeper and find out what is going on inside. Explore M3 enables you to do just that.

Mould the Bare-Metal

Explore M3 is based on powerful ARM cortex M3, it works out of box with the Arduino IDE, which helps you prototype quickly. Explore M3 does not stop at that, you can program the bare metal directly with ARM-GCC and Ellipse or other tool chains like Kiel or Co-IDE. We have already built numerous bare-metal tutorials for bare-metal programming.

Multi-task with FreeRTOS

If your project needs multi-tasking support, Explore M3 comes with FreeRTOS support and numerous examples on basics of how to use an RTOS in a project.

Debug with SODA

Explore M3 also has a SWD/JTAG connector pinout which enables you to use standard debug adapters to debug your project. You may also get the SWD Open Source Debug Adapter (SODA) which works directly with Explore M3.

Arduino Tutorials for Explore M3

Bare Metal Programming Tutorials

FreeRTOS Tutorials

ARM Starter Kit

The ARM starter kit equips you with all the components to complete most the tutorials in both the Arduino Series and the Bare Metal Series. We will continue to add some cool hacks and tutorials with these kits like retro games, data loggers etc. Explore M3 is all about learning ARM, than anything else, this kit will definitely get you started.



SODA is a open source debug adapter that can be used to program and debug Explore M3. We have successfully tested SODA to work with Kiel, we are working on making it work with Eclipse and ARM GCC, so that you’ll have a open development tool chain.

Now we need your support to bring this open hardware and open software project to life, do back us and spread the word!

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"Explore M3 is designed for FreeRTOS, and also supports Arduino IDE and bare metal programming environments such as ARM-GCC, Ellipse, or toolchains like Kiel or Co-IDE."

CNXSoft - Embedded Systems News

"Explore M3 is an ARM Cortex M3 development board powered by a micro USB port, with plenty of I/Os, Arduino compatible, and the developers have also written many tutorials to help people getting started as fast and easily as possible."

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