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Apr 10, 2017

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Thank You and Tutorial on Using AWS IOT

Thank You!

First, a big thank you for making the Hornbill Campaign a success. We should now be able to kick off manufacturing the first batch of 100 Hornbill ESP32 Dev boards. There is still a lot of effort required to write firmware, example codes, libraries for Arduino, and App Templates for the hardware to be really useful. We will announce a set of stretch goals in the next update, after carefully defining the work that we will be doing for the days to come.

Secure IOT with AWS and Hornbill ESP32

Security of connected devices is of paramount concern. There are several possible ways to make the devices secure. One of the most essential and widely used options is to use end to end encryption. The widely used Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 is the latest standard used on web for secure connections including banking. There are very few micro-controller based solutions that implement TLS 1.2 due to lack of resources. Hornbill ESP32 is one of the most affordable options out there. AWS IOT solution from Amazon is one of the better solutions, which mandates use of TLS1.2.

So we would like to share a detailed tutorial and an Arduino library to accomplish this.

The tutorial covers step by step guide to accomplish the following:

Tutorial with detailed steps on ExploreEmbedded.com

In the upcoming updates we will share more details on using this setup to log sensor data, control devices, and all the fun stuff. Stay tuned and do share the project!

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