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Apr 18, 2017

Building Industrial Data Logger and Stretch Goal 1

The power usage and temperature of a device can give more insights than we can see directly. With a solar panel, for instance, power measurement is obvious and known. However things like variations in power generation over time, degrading of the panel itself, etc. can be important insights. Read the full update.

Apr 12, 2017

AWS IOT Arduino Library for ESP32

In the first update, we had seen setting up AWS IOT account and had used the bare-metal 'C' on ESP32 to securely communicate with the cloud service. Today, I am happy to announce an Arduino library to achieve the same. Read the full update.

Apr 11, 2017

ESP32 Lights Tutorial

We have put a lot of effort into making making demos that demonstrate the capabilities of Hornbill ESP32. The single board can replace Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microcontroller shield. In this update we would like to share a tutorial on building Hornbill Lights; which uses two core components of the ESP32 module. Read the full update.

Apr 10, 2017

Thank You and Tutorial on Using AWS IOT

First, a big thank you for making the Hornbill Campaign a success. We should now be able to kick off manufacturing the first batch of 100 Hornbill ESP32 Dev boards. There is still a lot of effort required to write firmware, example codes, libraries for Arduino, and App Templates for the hardware to be really useful. We will announce a set of stretch goals in the next update, after carefully defining the work that we will be doing for the days to come. Read the full update.

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Hornbill ESP32 Dev

Start your ESP32 development with the breadboard-friendly Dev board. Built-in USB serial and single cell LiPo charger at a price only available during the campaign.


Hornbill Minima

A minimal dev board for all the wearable projects, connect with crocodile clips, plug in a LiPo and you're ready to go!


Hornbill Proto

A prototyping base-board for the Horbill Dev board. Comes with a built-in temperature/humidity sensor, microSD and tons of prototyping pads. Time to ditch those breadboard wires!


Hornbill Case

Make your prototype look sleek and neat with the IP67 waterproof, dustproof case!


Hornbill Essentials Kit

One Hornbill ESP32 Dev, one Proto and one Case.


Hornbill Maker Kit

A feast of awesome components to hack together lots of cool projects.


Hornbill OUR (Open Universal Remote) Kit

Build a Bluetooth (BLE) controlled universal remote!


Hornbill Industrial Data Logger (IDL) Kit

Build a high quality temperature and power data logger to monitor your critical equipment.


Hornbill Lights Kit

Build a Bluetooth ambience light controller with WS2812 LED strips. A great way to light up your evenings!


Hornbill IDL - 5 Pack

Prototype an industrial Internet of Things thing with real data, predictive maintenence, and analytics.


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