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USB 3 Adapters Almost Ready; Clarifications on Common Questions

We’ve got all USB 3 boards reworked and we’re now in the process of assembling the units and packing remaining orders for shipping. We plan to have most of the orders from the original campaign assembled and ready for shipping by the end of the this week.

Delivery Date Clarification

To clarify on a frequent question - the recent delivery date change to 31 Jan 2019 only applies to new orders placed in late October and November. All orders placed before that will be shipped as soon as we finish assembling the USB 3 units. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships.

XTRX CS Discontinuation Clarification

We’re getting a lot of questions about discontinuing XTRX CS. We want to again assure you that there are no plans to drop XTRX CS support. It will receive the exact same level of support as the XTRX Pro for the foreseeable future (applications, host libraries, firmware, documentation, FAQ, etc.). In other words, it is not technically an end-of-life (EOL), but rather a SKU phase out.

XTRX Pro is more powerful and expensive but it has exactly the same hardware, FPGA, and software architecture as XTRX CS, and updates will be released for both versions simultaneously.

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Product Choices



Get an XTRX Pro board. Does not include any cables, antennas, or adapter boards.


PCIe x2 Lite Adapter

This PCIe card securely holds an XTRX board (not included) so it can be used in a standard PCIe x4 slot. This adapter achieves the full 10 Gbit/s raw bus bandwidth and can be plugged into x4/x8/x16 PCIe slots. A six-pin JTAG connector makes it easy to program and debug the FPGA. Includes six SMA-to-U.FL cables, two screws for mounting your an XTRX board, and four 8 cm U.FL-to-U.FL cables.


Antennas + Cables

A full complement of cables and antennas for your XTRX, including four RF antennas (95 mm, 2 dBi, SMA male, GSM/3G/LTE 880 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 1990 MHz), one GPS antenna, and five cables.



We are a vertically integrated vendor of cellular equipment focused on the needs of emerging markets. We are developing, manufacturing, deploying, and operating turn-key cellular network solutions including radio equipment, towers, power and backhaul all the way to a core network and SS7 interconnect. Our team has been building software-defined radios and systems based on them since 2009 and is well known for its ClockTamer, UmTRX, and UmSITE products.

Alexander Chemeris


Sergey Kostanbaev

Software & Firmware Development

Andrey Sviyazov

Hardware Design

Albert Gardiner


Andrey Bakhmat


Andy Avtushenko


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